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South Africa

About Us


The Sticky-Fudge journey started at an Organic & Natural Product market in the beautiful town of Stellenbosch, South Africa in 2009. Frinette, the designer and creator of Sticky Fudge, quickly realised that she would be unable to keep up with the demand for Sticky-Fudge garments, and within a month, what had started out as a dream became a reality. The Sticky-Fudge brand was born and continued to grow at a steady and rapid rate.

Frinette’s experience in design, knowledge of the clothing industry and love of all things beautiful soon saw Sticky-Fudge expanding its collection. Initially the brand catered for the age group 0 to 4 years and within a short while the magical collections grew; it now caters for children up to 7 years.

Sticky-Fudge is run by a professional management team which support the key functions of the business. Almost all the garments are made in Cape Town, South Africa, harnessing local talent and skills with a focus on using 100% cotton fabric.

The Sticky-Fudge market is wide and constantly expanding with products sold mainly by independent exclusive boutiques in various countries around the world. Our vintage style, unique look and creative designs are making memories while our commitment to building a brand that is Trusted, Traditional and Timeless is making its mark on children’s fashion.